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Looking for ideas on how to grow your business?

Video Production
Social MEdia Creation
Brand story curation

We help businesses grow by leveraging media.


About Us

Visual Jutsu. Jutsu can be expressed as another word for "technique" or "skill". Taken by our favorite story of ninjas with supernatural skills, we apply a similar mentality to cut through the noise of uncreative, unresponsive marketing, and help sweep up your clients attention with ninja knowledge and execution.

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✪Video Production 

✪Social Media Management & Marketing

✪Digital Content Creation

✪In-House Text & Email Marketing

✪Google 360 Virtual Tour Photography

✪Video Creation

🎥 Video is the driving force in today's media.

The reason why you'd start creating video content is so you can tell your story in a relevant way that can capture the attention of your audience. 


Our mission is to creatively capture and show your story through video. 

✪Digital & Social Media Creation & Marketing

Social Media is the best "underpriced" place you can grab attention.

-Develop Your Brand Story
-Optimize Your Website
-Email Marketing
-Extend Your reach and IMPACT with Social Media Branding
-Effective Digital Marketing Techniques on Google

✪Text & Email

Tier 1: Communication- Text & Email Marketing

Tier 2: Customer Retention- Automated Reminders, Birthdays

Tier 3: Branding & Critical Feedback- Branded iPad Kiosk, Reputation Defense

✪Google 360 Virtual Tours


Reason #1 Increased Google Visibility

Reason #2 24 Hour Marketing

Reason #3 Innovative & Professional Representation


We are partnered with Splango Media to provide the Google 360 Virtual Tours. Please contact us directly or mention our name "Visual Jutsu" if you contact Splango Media.

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Connect With Us

Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your business forward. As a full-service Marketing Agency, we know how to help you and your business grow and flourish. Ask for Jumaane(Joo-Mah-Nee)! =D


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Looking over the campaign


Azteca Mexican Restaurant

8 Days

  • 63,655 People Reached.

  • 23,239 Video Views

  • 2,567 Reactions


  • DOUBLEd Their facebook likes

  • Over 1,000 Emails Collected

We'd love to see if we could help you too!

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